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To bring journalists and key media closer to ANNAR through a masterclass for journalists in which ANNAR experts explained the concept of digital interoperability in the health sector, its applicability, benefits, progress and implementation challenges in the country.
16 health and/ or tech journalists


Create a practical and dynamic presentation addressing Annar Health Technologies’ leadership in interoperability for the healthcare sector, evidencing its applicability and tangible and potential results through the success case with its client, Viva 1A.
Tier 1 = 8
Tier 2 = 8
over execution


  • We surveyed journalists of the health tech source to find out their doubts and interests in deepening their knowledge about interoperability.
  • We designed a presentation that responds to the needs and interests expressed by journalists and generated a space for questions and answers at the end of the masterclass.
  • We followed up with journalists one by one at all stages of the call for journalists.

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