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One of the challenges set for 2020 was to diversify Baker McKenzie’s presence in everyday media rather than more specialized and also considering the corporate sector as a main target.


We combined the diversification of the spokesmen´ s and leaders presence from the 9 practice areas in Colombia, with an active visible participation through the media resulting in an articulated work, due to the innovative tactics developed by GJ Comunicaciones.


  • Execution of a relationship plan for partners with media editors and journalists, as well as opinion leaders from different sectors and industries.
  • Organization of workshops for the press to understand complex legal issues and provide them with tools to facilitate their journalistic work.
  • Planning, preparation and strategic distribution of short term contents of interest to the business sector.
  • Development of opinion columns and analytical articles to provide different approaches according to the audiences of general media, key for the firm.
  • Creation of audiovisual content, ranging from interview formats and experiences, to styles such as motion graphics and animation.
  • Creation of a content grid focused on the communities impacted by the brand.
  • Influencer management, in order to give visibility to the brand from other digital channels of high reach.


46% Achievement diversity in media published
98% of the publications reached the media of greater reach and national and regional recognition.
249 Managed publications
156.328.579 Potential scope
$ 1.993.988.976 AD Value
$ 5.969.966.931 PR Value
Working with GJ Comunicaciones has been very positive for the firm, not only in terms of visibility, but also the relevance of each of the actions we carry out. We find in them some allies who support us in the development of strategies to strengthen the positioning of each of Baker McKenzie’s practice areas in Colombia and strengthen our relationship with the media ”.

Juana González

Director of Marketing and Business Development


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